Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Amafi lemon tour

This 14 acre organic lemon farm is a terraced garden that climbs up the mountain.  The farm is owned and operated by Aceto Via Delle Cartier, and has been in his family for 6 generations.  Some of the highest yielding trees on the property are over 600 years old.   The workers on the farm are called "flying lemon farmers", because there are no machines on the farm, so they must climb up into the trees and scale the terraces. 

The Amalfi lemons are unique they take 9 months to mature, they are very big and a single lemon can weigh  up to a kilo (2.2  pound). These lemons have no seeds and you eat the entire fruit -skin and all.


Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Chianti region medieval town of Radda

We took the narrow winding road over the mountainside to a medieval town of Radda in Chianti.

First cooking class at Toscana Mia

Todays class featured Bruschetta with their homemade olive oil,
Pici with Salsa all Aglione-  handmade pasta, in fresh tomato sauce. Bocconcini all Arrabbiata- turkey in a marsala sauce served over lettuce.  And for dessert Sorbetto al Limone.

Toscanna Mia

Our journey from Florence to Toscana Mia started with a half hour train ride, where we were meet by a driver for a half an hour ride up into the hills of Tuscany.

Toscanna Mia -Lunch at the farmhouse

They were so wonderful, went out of their way to have us try new dishes at every meal. They would explain history, the region it came from, and when it would be served.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Breakfast at Toscana Mia l

My first morning we started the day with a wonderful breakfast featuring ricotta cake, toast with homemade fig and quince jams, two types of  local honey, fresh fruit and good coffee.

Balsamic Vinegar tasting at Acetaia Marchi

What an amazing experience!  In May I contacted Acetaia Marchi about doing a balsamic vinegar tasting while visiting Modena, I had read about them online as having some of the best vinegar in Italy.   They were very happy to set up an appointment,  which I assumed would be with a group of other tourist.   We arrived to find it was just us, the owner, his wife and their assistant spent the next two hours showing us the process of making vinegar and tasting a large variety of different types and ages.  At one point they even had us get into our car and follow them to their house to see where they aged the very special vinegars under thier own roof.  They are a smaller producer and take great pride in their products.   It was so interesting to see how enthusiastic and passionate they are about what they do. The tasting was so in depth,  I have a totally new perspective and understanding about balsamic vinegar.  They explained when to use which type.  The taste of their vinegar was better then I  have ever had. An experience I will never forget.